Experience the unique Finnish nature, explore local culturally and historically significant places, spend an atmospheric summer evening on the lake, find the best fishing spot and get tips, tricks and methods to traditional Finnish lake fishing with the help of an expert professional guide.
We co-operate with the local guide service company Kalaopas Finland, which focuses on peaceful atmospheric nature experiences, and Syvänniemi Adventure, which provides experiential sports and cultural services. Through us, you can book various activity and experience tour packages and we also make individually tailored tour packages for different groups throughout the year.
Get more information about Sawohouse's own nature activity and experience tour packages by email:  info´at ´sawohouse.fi or sales´at ´sawohouse.fi or tel: +358 10 3389490
Check out Syvänniemi Adventure's services at their website:  www.syvanniemiseikkailu.com
Check out Kalaopas Finland's experience and excursion packages in more details at webpages: www.kalaopas.fi and book a suitable adventure trip for yourself or your group.