Juha Miettinen, CFO, Sawohouse

Minna Sairberg, Service Director, Sawohouse

Sales and marketing, information, development of domestic and international tourism business, cooperation between educational institutions. Custom restaurant operations, corporate sales, inquiries for meeting and banquet facilities, Restaurant venue hire & Catering

Tel: +358 010 338 9490


Angela Espinos, Chef, Restaurant Sabor House Kitchen & Bar

Ala Carte kitchen, Spanish menus


Mikko Lipponen, Restaurant , Event & Venue Manager, Sawohouse Underground

Sales and Marketing, Event planning, Festivals & Live Events, Sawohouse Underground Venue hire

tel: +358 (0) 44 531 1669


Restaurant and event hire & inquires for meeting and banquet facilities by email: sales@sawohouse.fi

Contacts by e-mail: firstname.lastname@sawohouse.fi